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Daryl and Janet 

The team at TFG are totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice in all aspects of the mortgage and other loans, and have proven time and time again to go well beyond the expected service of a mortgage broking company.

William and Linda 

With a family and numerous financial commitments, we eventually slipped behind on our 2 personal loans, 3 credit cards and car loan.  The Finance Group were able to do an upfront valuation and credit check, worked out how much equity we can access.

They managed to get approved enough money to pay off all our consumer debts, with enough change left to do some renovations and purchase the much needed second car.  We had arrears and a Telco default, however the guys got us approved first time.

We definitely recommend The Finance Group and are happy our relatives recommended us to have a talk to them.  We really didn't think our case could be solved so easily and now only have 1 sinlge payment to make each month.

Thanks again guys, we will never forget how much you improved our quality of life