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Low Doc Home Loans are loans that can be approved by lenders using alternative proof of Income.  i.e. No Tax returns or financials are required.

more than 60% of clients who come to us, have already tried to apply with one of our lenders and 

Depending on which lender we recommend, the lender will assess your loan based on;

Proof of income - One or more of the following forms of income proof;

1) Self Declaration of Income


2) Accountant Declared Income (Each lender has their own template), or 

3) Business Activity Statements, or (Some lenders reqiure 1 recent BAS, others require 2 or 4 Quarters BAS)

4) 6 to 12 months business trading statements, or (depends on lender)

5) Proof of investment property income via real estate rental statements and bank statements verifying the deposits. (Some lender will accept the statements only)

Loan Amounts

Self employed and Bad credit are 2 phrases that seem to often go hand in hand these days.

Credit History

Arrears OK

Ex Bankrupts OK

Paid or Unpaid Defaults OK

Court Writs, or Judgements OK

Loan amounts

Up to $2,000,000

Loan to Value Ratio's

Up to 90% for Purchase

Up to 85% for Re-finances 

Loan Purpose

Consolidate business debts, including overdraft or line of credit

Pay out ATO Debts

Pay Defualts, judgements, court writs

Cashout to use to grow your business.


Not all of the above loan features are available together.   

Rates, Fee's and charges are quoted on a case by case basis.

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Christmas Cash injection and Repayment Holiday

Have a stress free Christmas

 How much money do you need injected in your business to have a stress free Christmas

Would you like a payment holiday with that?


Cash flow finance for Business

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Cash flow finance helping Small to medium business realise their full potential