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The Finance Group is a one stop shop to access all your funding requirements from age 18 to 82, we can help provide a solution to cater to you.

Our loans range from anything as simple as a $3,000 rental bond loan that you might need when leaving home for the first time, up to the aquisition of a commercial office building with a loan up to $100,000,000.

We cover a broad range of loan types, by having a dedicated Team who have expertise in several areas of funding.  With our combined knowledge we can cater for any type of funding for elligible borrowers and worthwhile purposes.

Just to name a few, below are types of loans that we do;

1) Private mortgages

2) Property Development

3) Home Loans, Consumer leases, personal loans, car loans, credit cards, 

4) Low Doc mortgages 

5) Self Managed superfund Mortgages

6) Pharmacy refinance loans and aquisitions Loans using the business cashflow to service the debt

7) Business finance/ cashflow finance

8) Debtor finance

9) Plant and equipment finance

10) Capital raising with sale and lease or sale and rent back

Products we Broker


Christmas Cash injection and Repayment Holiday

Have a stress free Christmas

 How much money do you need injected in your business to have a stress free Christmas

Would you like a payment holiday with that?


Cash flow finance for Business

Money Money Money

Cash flow finance helping Small to medium business realise their full potential