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Accessing a wide range of Private lenders across the whole of australia, enables us a higher chance of finding a solution to your fund your private mortgage 



If you don't meet the lending criteria of banks and major non-bank lenders, then you may consider applying for a Private mortgages.

We have a specialist team with many years of experience in brokering Private Mortgages.

Our private lenders loan money for the following uses;

1) Take back Control of the sale of your property when the bank repossess your property

2) Settle ATO or other debts with creditors

3) Funding Legal costs

4) Purchase business assetts 

5) Funding business aquisitions

6) Business loans

7) Other worthwhile business and investment purposes

Because running your business is what you do best, leave the task to us to arrange your non-bank loan, placing it with a lender whom you meet their policy.

It is essential to engage an experienced broker to arrange your Non-bank or privately funded loan, since each lender has certain restrictions and finding the right lender is not an easy task.


Private lenders credit policies often have restrictions relating to the following variables:

  • Minimum and Maximum loan amounts
  • Maximum LVR's
  • States and suburbs that they will lend to
  • property types that are acceptable security
  • restrictions on who they will lend money to
  • restrictions on the purpose funds are used for
  • Valuation methodologies (e.g.  Market Value, Vacant Possession, Forced sale basis)
  • Differing capabilities on settlement timeframes


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Christmas Cash injection and Repayment Holiday

Have a stress free Christmas

 How much money do you need injected in your business to have a stress free Christmas

Would you like a payment holiday with that?


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